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Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice is the name of the hospice run by registered charity Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice offering palliative care and support to.
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Bluebell woods | Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Why not seek them in the coastal woodlands near Abermawr in Pembrokeshire, or in the meadow below Penrhyn Castle in Gwynedd? Damage can prevent the leaves from photosynthesizing, causing the plant to die back. Bluebells take between five and seven years to get established, so minor damage can have long-lasting impact.

Help to look after the bluebells by watching where you tread, and sticking to marked pathways. In the last thirty years the Spanish bluebell has escaped from gardens and begun to mix with native bluebells.

Bluebell Woods

Native bluebells are narrow with straight sides, and the petals curl back at the tips. The stem droops over at the top, with most of the flowers on one side. Spanish bluebells are cone shaped, and their petal tips tend to be flared rather than curling.

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The stems are straight, with flowers all the way round. Look at the pollen inside the flower. Native bluebells are usually a deep blue-violet shade, while Spanish ones tend to be paler.

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Confusingly both varieties can also come in white and pink. Native bluebells have a strong, sweet scent, which makes the woods smell amazing on a warm day. The Spanish variety has little to no scent.

Native bluebells have relatively thin leaves, around Spanish and hybrid bluebells tend to have much thicker leaves, around 3cm wide. Over a quarter of the woodlands we care for are ancient and have been left to develop naturally over the years. Read on to discover more about our native bluebells, and how you can help look after them.

Nature writer Rosamond Richardson traces the stories behind your favourite blooms, from their use as magical charms and medical remedies to inspiration for poets and historical figures. Colour illustrations mean you can look out for each bloom in meadows and hedgerows.

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Share: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Email. Swaying and swaying in the breeze, They nod their heads so gracefully, The birds above, up in the trees, They sing their songs so beautifully.

Tweet this. Bill Alloway. National Trust. Entrance to the Bluebell Wood. Bluebell Woodland Walk.

Bluebell Woods

The lime green of the beech leaves provides the perfect canopy for the carpet of bluebells below and there is virtually no lower storey planting to interfere with the view. The sun filtering through the trees makes this a memorable sight. For many of our visitors the bluebells have become an annual pilgrimage. The Bluebell Wood's Meandering Path. A Sea of Bluebells.